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This is the great depository of collected information on the greatest Star Trek fan-fiction series known to mankind, as well as a few other kinds, Don Trek! As new stories are published more wonderful information will be added!

Don Trek 69 title 2

The Don Trek title card with USS Bonneville NCC 1975

The Don Trek Universe Is?Edit

The Don Trek universe is Star Trek seen through the humble eyes of science-fiction writer Don Stevens. It was originally conceived back around 1993 or 1994 as a way to justify calling himself Capt. Don. Don Trek is a microcosm of the real Star Trek universe in that the Don Trek people exist in the world of Star Trek but they never meet anyone from the proper universe. All of the things that happen in the proper universe happen in Don Trek and vice versa but they don’t really effect any great change on one another, much in the same way that one Star Trek show or movie never really has a lasting impact on any other show or movie. 

Don Trek: Season One

Episode One: The One with the Snails

Episode Two: Deep Sleep Station Nine

Episode Three: She Was Just Seventeen

Episode Four: The Black Whole

Episode Five: The Constitution of the Unknowns

Episode Six: It's A Good Day To Dalek

Episode Seven: The Reagan Centuries

Episode Eight: Beauty and the Catman

Episode Nine: Land of the Lovely Ladies

Epidose Ten: The Petrolian Emperor

Episode Eleven: Her Prince Never Came

Episode Twelve: Capt. Mike

Episode Thirteen: A White Horse

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